X3M Ideas Delivers Campaign Against Gender Violence Pro-bono

  • Written by O'Lekan Babatunde
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Julius Agwu for Project AlertSeyi Law for Project AlertX3M Ideas, in the spirit of the season, has unveiled a pro-bono campaign in support of Project Alert, a  Non Governmental Organisation’s  (NGO) outcry against brutality against women.

The campaign, running under the theme “Speak up, end abuse” ,is conceived and executed by X3M Ideas with photography input by Camara Studios.

Speaking on the campaign, which is developed for print and online platforms for a start, Steve Babaeko, the Chief Creativity Officer/CEO says the campaign is our way of supporting a laudable project  facilitated  by Project Alert.

According to Babaeko, brutality against women is a societal ill which is claiming the lives of many a woman in the society. “We saw value for the society in what Project Alert was doing and we decided to support them by creating this campaign as our own contribution to the good works”

X3M Ideas used comedians and other popular stars, in different fields, as models to tell the Project Alert story.  Julius Agwu, Seyi Law, TEE A, Sound Sultan, Tunde Ajayi and Emma Collins  among others were able to eulogise the woman, extol her special contributions to the human race and how she should be treated with dignity and respect. 

Julius Agwu, a comedian modeled as a pregnant woman and says “Labour pain is the only pain she should feel” meaning that she should be spared any other pain whatsoever. Emma Collins is a tailor, his tape rule is used to tie his hands demonstrating the pain some women go through. Alluding to the function of the tape rule, the body copy reads,  “A good marriage is measured by freedom from Violence”. Another model (Owen Gee) with badly painted lips, carries a copy which says “You can’t cover the truth with make-up”. This, particularly, talks to women suffering in silence.  Another in this range is one which urges women:“Don’t pull your hair in frustration, pull yourself together”.

Seyi Law’s material is, particularly, striking as it models the woman laden with too many tasks at once: -cooking, scrubbing, cleaning, fetching water and washing etc. The copy says “Being treated like a slave is not  a joke”.

All these are aimed at discouraging violence against women. Similarly, through these messages, men are urged men not to indulge in any obnoxious habit against women. The campaign is a fantastic advocacy initiative for zero tolerance against gender violence. It is also important to underscore the fact that this is the   first time a full campaign preaching non-violence against women will be executed by an agency pro-bono.
Nice concept, by all standards.