Spectranet: A brand working its way up

  • Written by O'Lekan Babatunde
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Remember the Avis’ classic and all time famous campaign tagged “We try harder”. The rent a car company was trailing Hetz, the market leader when it unleashed the series in 1962 to redraw the rent a car business graph and change its fortune in the industry. 
It was a brand repositioning campaign that took care of the incumbent leader to enhance the position of the sponsors. The theme: “We try harder” provided an answer to the very wordy but expertly couched question headline “Avis is only No. 2 in rent a cars. So why go with us?” 
Spectranet, a Lagos based internet service provider (ISP) like Avis is enmeshed in a battle to position the brand as the go-to brand in the ISP market especially in the highly competitive and challenging Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan markets where the ISP services are currently available. However, the point of difference is that today, the Nigerian company’s campaign is Public Relations (PR) led.  
The PR campaign though at first appeared hydra-headed, to some extent it’s beginning to gain traction for the brand against competition such as smile and Visafone. This is because the different PR programmes and activations have a single minded cohesive objective of repositioning the brand in the minds and not the heads of consumers as the better choice in its market segment.  
Part of this PR activities include the logo make-over, David Venn, CEO of the company captured it as follows: “Our new logo is a hallmark of the new spirit, new soul and the new essence of Spectranet”
 The logo conveys a vibrant, warm, bright, yet humble, strong and friendly outlook ready to connect the customer to the world. Likewise, the navy blue font conveys the attribute associated with the intrinsic value essence of new Spectranet – i.e, strong, uncomplicated, modern, friendly  and down-to-earth  brand unique enough to stand out. The foregoing is primed to position the company for the leadership in the 4GLTE internet Network sphere in Nigeria. 4G-LTE refers to the fourth generation of wireless standards. The first generation was analog, the second was digital and the third 3G, is multimedia broadband.
For the consumer, the 4G technology standards allow for Data-intensive business applications, Real-time video & applications access, Streaming media from mobile devices and Real-time HD video conferencing and collaboration. While these appear highly technical and above the head of the ordinary user, the PR effort led Absolute PR executed a partnership between the ISP company and to bring more value to subscribers. is a website that offers unlimited TV and movies online via computer, tablet, or phone for a token amount per month.
However, through the partnership, a subscribers can watch three new movies weekly and over 4000 Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood movies, as well as Korean dramas and Telenovelas for free on using Spectranet4G LTE. Apart from being a value added service to the spectratnet’s users, the partnership aligns with the ISP’s strategy and positioning drive as it provides a platform for customers to feel the brand and ascertain its strength and reliability in a moment of truth, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. 
Although, all-time advertising great, David Ogilvy was against consumer promotion, claiming its effect on the brand is like a shot in the arm.  Ogilvy compared between a brand on a sprint as against a marathon. Most brands are conceived to be in race for the long haul and not a dash.
Contrary to a shot in the arm concept, Spectranet amazing offer is designed to consistently induce purchases and keep the cash register tolling. The offer provides internet modem at a relatively “very affordable price”. The sales pitch runs thus “…buy a modem at N16,000 and get 30GB FREE or N12,000 and get 5GB FREE (for new converts) while existing users have the opportunity to “roll-over unused data to the next month”. This for now is a rare privilege in the market. 
When one rationalizes the campaign’s laudable objectives - being out against the “almighty” GSM companies and the traditional ISPs, the paucity of impactful radio, TV commercials and print ads become an issue. It connotes either of the following, a budget constraint or just that the owners of the business are the archetypal “just go and sell” model.  The marketing mix is poor for this magnitude of business and highly skewed in favour of PR. 
However, the 15 seconds TV cut was apt on speed talking about leaving the old logo behind and taking on a new one with speed. The radio with equal speed and verve drums home the brand’s market repositioning efforts through the “amazing offer” as  the lead MVO brushed aside competitors’ alleged inefficiencies  with  “Oh No, not again” and closed with the sales pitch, “… value for money, rollover opportunity,  go ahead connect to the internet, more for less in the Spectranet amazing offer”.  As analysed, these material have the advantages of being concise, brief and apt but reinforcement in the media is poor. 
Our Verdit
Nice campaign but very miserly, reinforcement is poor save for the consistently aggressive PR push. This notwithstanding, the actual moment of truth experienced by customers especially in delivery of the brand promise, customer service issues, transparency in billing system/ data usage and data balance roll-over will determine the success or otherwise of this campaign’s effort. Worth the trial!
For PR:  kudos.  Rating***