Ad Review: Bonding A la X3M Ideas, Etisalat

Agency: X3M Ideas
Client: Etisalat 
Business supports business goes a maxim. This infers that a mutually beneficial relationship between two organisations or between an organization and its public in critical. This is the reason, why clients keep PR or Advertising agencies on retainer and paying such fat sums to help maintain its relationship with its clients. Such effort has the sole intent of enhancing the bonding between parties. 
Agencies similarly ought to oil the wheel of relationship with its clients. Although, this is done in a thousand and one ways, the fact to consider however, is that how many organisations are bonding with client’s organization the right way? 
Friday last week, marked the 7th year anniversary of the Etisalat brand in the Nigerian market. Its agency on record, X3M ideas, did go to town in a stylish but subtle manner to appreciate this client in a bid to celebrate the spirit of freedom  and  corporately oil the wheel of bonding. 
This full page colour ad material playfully expresses freedom, youthfulness, breaks rules and shares the joy of breaking the mold as the material literally shouted to the high heavens in rainbow colours.
Is there a headline, maybe, if this 5-deck unevenly arranged but colourful tiles “Celebrating a partner that lets us express ourselves” can be termed so, it breaks the mold with impact.  It also puts on its head some advertising and grammar rules.  With cautious impunity, that asserts, the line mixes the use of lower and upper case letters against the rules of the owners of the language just as the 5 decks headline throws the challenge of either being the headline or body copy? However,  in totality the copy brings out the innocence and freedom of a child happily expressing himself with some level of controlled exuberance. Think this captures the mood of the agency that signed off the material. 
This is also captured in the terse but apt two liners body copy which is instructive to agencies as well as to the industry at large. It says “Innovative clients inspire outstanding work”.  It rounds -off with “Happy 7th Anniversary, Etisalat” capped with the brand’s logo proudly used in place of a full stop at the end of the copy.  The sponsor’s logo of course, brings all to a close.  Nice work. 
On the right hand side of the advert is an ad with the headline, “7 years of being part of the 9ja’s social fabric”. The ad actually complimented the first in this double page spread providing maximum impact and effect.  Of course, the material for the 7th anniversary is also couched by X3M Ideas as one of Etisalat’s roster agency.  
The black background speaks volume as it helps to boost the logo mat and the weaving process. The strands of threads that extend from the fabric tell me the brand is futuristic and aspirational. Beyond the well-formed logo, there are aces up its sleeve! However, the weaver’s hands leave one guessing what’s going to be woven next? The ads as part of oiling the wheel of relationship and bonding with the network’s subscribers, appreciates the customers as the brand “…celebrates 7 years of amazing growth…”
The media buyer should also be commended for decision to have the complimentary pieces side by side. It adds to impact, meaning and effects on the market and competition.  
Well thought out. ****