DP Partnership+FCB Lagos: Building Brands from Ground Zero to Brand Leaders

Chief Odun Fadoju, CEO/ED, DP Partnership+FCB
Chief Odun Fadoju, CEO/ED, DP Partnership+FCB

DP Partnership+FCB, Lagos Nigeria belongs to the FCB network of agencies, a member of the Interpublic Group of Companies formed in 1961 which became a quoted company on the New York stock exchange in 1971. Incorporated on 30th October, 2001, DP Partnership as it was then known, commenced business on the 1st of August 2003 with a tight team of five with a collective experience base of over 75 years.

Chief Odun Fadoju as the CEO/ED, had just left Sunrise DMB&B as Managing Director then, he says, “We didn’t have anything, business was slow in coming but I knew from day one that failure was not an option".

"There was just nowhere for me to go having reached the peak of my career as the Managing Director of agency like SunriseDMB&B as at that time. If I had left DP Patnership then, I will be a failure. “Failure” is one word I do not want to associate myself with. I like to always succeed in whatever project I engage myself with. It might take me some time to achieve my set dreams, but God has always blessed me because in most cases, I always achieve my dreams no matter how long it’s going to take me to do it. Anything that may affect me negatively in achieving my set dreams is something that I usually want to address squarely and crushed ruthlessly without any regret. I might look gentle and quiet, that may be very deceptive of my person. This attitude of mine help grow the agency".

The agency had since 2013 moved from their former office in Ilupeju-Lagos to a very spacious, luxury and corporate office in Anthony Village, Lagos with the state of arts facilities. 

The break

Based on this, the agency persevered while it kept itself busy with a couple of clients especially P&G and Union Bank/Union Trustees who saw and appreciated the kernel of creative talent the agency is made of.  However, the opportunity that launched DP Partnership did not come until Honeywell Flour Mills Plc keenly contested pitch for its Superfine Flour & Honeywell Wheat meal and Honeywell Semolina account. That was 7years ago.  Amidst four agencies that contested the business, DP Partnership emerged winner of the business based on superior strategic and creative interpretation of the brief. The agency’s creative works for Honeywell Semolina was very outstanding. When the brand was introduced into the market by the client, customers and dealers were not ready to accept the brand because the dominating brand then had taken over the market. The agency launched an aggressive campaign in December of the year of launch with interactive market support. The campaign was the talk of town and within 6months of launch; Honeywell Semolina became a household brand. Today, Honeywell Semolina is the leader within the category having push back the dominant leader to No 2.

A similar feat was also recorded for Honeywell WheatMeal 3years ago. Currently, Honeywell WheatMeal is also the category leader. These feats made DP Partnership+FCB the agency of recon for Honeywell Flour Mills Plc businesses.  The agency’s performance on the business has since given it leeway into other businesses both in Honeywell while it has also gotten referrals and sometimes invited based on campaign for other clients. 

The Agency’s work for Honeywell Noodles is particularly exciting and rewarding both for the client and the agency. The agency took over the brand as a distant No. 6 in the market, within a record time of less than 12 months; the brand attained the No. 2 slot challenging the market leader. Chief Fadoju is very optimistic that he would definitely push Honeywell Noodles to become the category leader very soon just as he did for Honeywell Semolina and Honeywell WheatMeal.  He further claimed that “It was one of our campaigns for Honeywell Noodles that got us attracted to the FCB global network of agencies who are today our affiliate network”

Creativity is everything

The agency is driven by an in-house philosophy which simply says “Creativity is everything!” Speaking on this mantra, Chief Fadoju, MD/CEO explains “we are driven by one major quest: strategic and distinct creativity. We focus to capture the needs and desires of our clientele, delivering them workable strategies through our PRU philosophy: provocation, relevancy and urgency which is the basis for our creative approach to enhance our clientele businesses”. 

“Creativity is everything”! That’s what we are selling, we sell ideas. That is the essence of our relationship with our clients and the various brands in kitty. All what we are thinking is creativity and moving our clients’ brands forward. Creativity is everything to us”.

Exclusive FCB Affiliate Agency in Nigeria

As the exclusive affiliate of FCB network in Nigeria, DP Partnership+FCB is fully subscribed to the FCB’s 6.5seconds philosophy. We have access to FCB pool of resources and proprietary tools. This translates that if an ad is created and it did not get the audience’s attention or get them provoked under 6.5seconds then the ad isn’t there yet! 

That is the standard for the agency and all ads created especially radio and TVC are tested against this policy. “Check all our commercials and you are going to see that they followed the 6.5seconds philosophy. The fact is that we test our copies against this principle and any shortcoming is remedied”. 

As an agency, we recognize that it’s not about size,  we are painstakingly alert to filter through the lines and concepts. In the last 18 months thereabout, the jobs we are doing tell good stories about our agency especially with the arrangement with FCB. The relationship actually started in October 2012 and both parties have good stories to tell and our clients are the better for it.  


The agency’s growing clients list include Honeywell Flour Mills Plc (Apapa), Unimer Group Morocco owners of  Titus Sardines, Techno Oil Limited, Eko Supreme Resources Ltd (SoKlin Detergent, GoodMama etc), Honeywell Superfine Foods (Ikeja), Aldor Africa owners of Pin Pop lollipop and Ekulo International Ltd, Tiger Foods owners of Larsor Seasoning, Tiger Spices and Tiger Energy Drink, DAVITA Pty South Africa owners of Jolly Jus & Benny Spices among others clientele.  

Awards: Since 2010 DP PartnershipFCB when it picked its first award and her first entrance, it has consistently emerged winner every year. In 2010, its TVC for Larsor Food Seasoning titled “Landlord” won Bronze at LAIF while 2011 produced another LAIF Bronze award courtesy Honeywell Wheat Meal Launch TVC material titled “Buka Wonder”.

Similarly in 2012 “Ipod Boy” – Honeywell Noodles Launch TVC won a bronze. Based on its works for Honeywell Superfine Flour, the client recognized the agency as “ADVERTISING AGENCY OF THE YEAR -2012”. At the 2013 LAIF AWARD, the agency won a Bronze for the Techno Oil Launch TVC titled “The Rescuer”


Address:  DP Partnership+FCB, 4, Okunfolami Street, Anthony Village, Lagos.

Tel: + 234-802 364 3039; +234-807 891 7126, 01-3426598, 01-2133012

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