The Blueflower Value Proposition

Chido Nwakanma, CEO, Blueflower CommunicationsBlueflower Limited offers strategic communication architecture and solutions to help discerning organisations achieve management objectives.

Communication is emerging in the modern Information Age as a key success factor for effective management of organisations. Discerning firms understand and utilise communication to rally all stakeholders to their cause.

We believe at Blueflower Limited in helping companies emerge on the winning side in the Communications Darwinism of today. Everything communicates, the stated and the unstated, and companies must define themselves or have various publics define them at will.

Our primary tool is public relations, and our overall goal is creating an enabling environment for overall business success of our clients through a climate of stakeholder favourability and right perceptions.

We offer services in

1.     Corporate communication;
2.     Government and public affairs,
3.     Marketing and consumer public relations
4.     Issues Management
5.     Financial and Investor Relations
6.     Corporate Social Investment
7.     Consular & Protocol
8.     Media Engagement
Practices & Specialties
Blueflower Limited offers services in these core areas

Corporate communication
In the era of enlightened stakeholders, effective communication with all constituent publics of companies and institutions is not only a desideratum but also requires skilful management. Blueflower Limited provides strategic counsel and skilled execution of stakeholder engagement programmes that enable companies relate well with their stakeholders.

We offer a range of services from development of corporate communication strategy, content development (position papers, speech writing, and documentation) to reputation and identity management.

Government Relations & Public Affairs
Harmonious relations with government have emerged as a critical success factor for various businesses and institutions in Nigeria. Government is a ubiquitous presence, operating at three tiers of local, state, and federal government. The presence of legislative arms at all levels has increased the layers of interaction. We help companies simplify and manage the interface with government and regulatory agencies as well as prepare advocacy on key issues and a role in the formation of public policy that affect them.

Consumer public relations
Blueflower Limited builds and supports brands through the various stages in their life cycle with through-the-line support in publicity, events, and public information material that engenders awareness, acceptance, and trust between brands and their users. We have developed various strategies that ensure appropriate visibility and share of mind for the brands that we manage. All it takes is a brief from the client.
Issues Management
With active engagement in media monitoring and public affairs, Blueflower Limited works with clients to track and agendarise the issues of importance to them. Our media monitoring service provides early identification of issues of strategic or tactical importance and continuous tracking of such issues. We then work to develop content, advocacy as well as media relations or public communication and interface plans to ensure that the organisational response aligns with and influences the expectations of key stakeholder publics.

Custom Publishing and Publications Management
Companies and brands seek platforms for engagement with stakeholders. Through our custom publishing service, Blueflower Limited produces various types of journals –consumer magazines, institutional newsletters, corporate brochures- that meet the strategic objectives of clients as communication and marketing tools. Custom publishing is our specialist service drawing on the experience, training, and exposure of our team. Blueflower works with companies to produce communication materials that are strong on strategy and execution.

We offer a full range of service in custom publishing covering
·      Editorial consulting – from generation of reports to copy editing.
·      Design and complete pre-press.
·      Photography.
·      Distribution and advertising support.

We parade a complete suite of digital equipment to provide first-rate design solutions and the most important component of a team of reporters and writers on call to execute major publishing assignments across the country.

Social Marketing & Not for Profit
The growing presence of a large not for profit sector provides distinct communication challenges of executing so much with so little resources. Stakeholders are multifarious and budgets restrictive. Skill is at a premium. Blueflower works with the not for profit sector to design and implement information, education, and communication programmes that evoke desired response in awareness, attitudes and behaviour change. Our arsenal of tools range from core communication to peasant theatre, live events, and community outreaches.

Media Engagement & Monitoring
Blueflower Limited actively engages the media on behalf of clients to ensure appropriate placement of information material for publishing and broadcasting. We draw on an extensive database, and thorough knowledge of the media process and professionals with the goal of ensuring media favourability for clients. Studies show that media favourability often translates to positive perceptions. Our work in media engagement draws from a strong research desk that monitors the media on a consistent basis to track issues, events, and persons. We provide daily, weekly, and monthly tracking reports; competitive intelligence as well as analyses that help clients make informed decisions.
The Blueflower Value

Why Blueflower?

Blueflower brings to bear to client briefs:

    1. Strategic orientation and focus on PR outcomes rather than mere PR outputs, in other words, results orientation


    1. Management alignment: a clear understanding of management’s perspective in engaging public relations and focus on achieving the goals of management for each task.


    1. Media knowledge and contacts – While this is normal for a public relations firm, Blueflower Limited brings to media engagement an uncommon knowledge of the processes, personnel and institutions of the media in Nigeria and the nuances and norms necessary for effective outcomes.


    1. Best practice experience- We have served clients with stringent accountability standards like the UN system and understand the corporate governance concerns in the deployment of public relations.


    1. Strategic orientation and creativity – Blue flower brings to assignments a strategic orientation that emphasises project management approach to each assignment. We see beyond the ordinary, providing creative touches to our work.


  1. Teamwork –We believe at Blueflower in collaborative relationships, working closely with clients to solve problems. We do not believe in agency having all the solutions.

Our clientele
Blueflower Limited has served a varied clientele in the period of its existence. Our clients have included
1.    Airtel Nigeria
2.    Nutricima Limited
3.    Bio-Organics Nutrient Systems Limited
4.    Federal Ministry of Information
5.    The Society For Family Health
6.    University of Nigeria
7.    Inkastrans Limited, Nigerian subsidiary of Inkas of Canada
8.    Sapid Holdings Limited
9.    Edysmart Nigeria Limited, makers of Dallas cosmetics,
10.   Tennyson Industries Limited

Lagos: Plot 2 Olu Okewunmi Street, Magodo GRA2, Shangisa, Lagos.
Abuja: House 51, Road 14, Efab City Estate, Lokogoma, Abuja
Tel: 08126474335.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: www.blueflowerafrica.com

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