Poor Orphans, Epilepsy Victims Found Succor in Airtel Nigeria

  • Written by O'Lekan Babatunde
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Airtel Nigeria’s inspiring TV show, Airtel touching lives, has continued to support and encourage citizens and organisations who are making a change in the society. Perhaps Episode 12 of the Airtel touching lives is so far the most inspiring, as Airtel touched the lives of an orphaned family and a foundation dedicated to fighting epilepsy. 
Samuel Ufot is a 13 year old orphan who lives with his two older sisters in a one room apartment in Alagbado, Lagos. After losing both parents, life became very bleak for the surviving members of the Ufot family. With barely any food to eat, they rely on members of the community for help. His older sister who works as a teacher, earns a meager salary, and with the help of her sister, has managed to take care of Samuel so he does not feel the absence of his parents. Samuel who attends a community school is very intelligent and loves English language, basic sciences and civic education. He does not want to grow up to become a hooligan but wants to be a better person in life. However, because of the circumstances they face, achieving this dream is futile for this young orphaned boy. 
The fortune of the Ufot family changed when they were nominated for the Airtel touching lives project. In a bid to help their situation and assist them in actualizing their dream, Airtel Nigeria set them up with a hair dressing business. Asides teaching them the rudiments of hair making, they will be given a hair dryer, trolley, combs, fan, shampoos, conditions, hair treatment, washing basin, water storex, buckets and cosmetics.  The telco giant did not stop here, Airtel will also provide them with a two year shop rental, furniture, 4.4 KVA thermocool generator set and a 5000 KVA thermocool stabilizer. The elated Ufot family thanked Airtel for touching their lives and repositioned them to achieve their dreams.
In that same enthralling episode, Airtel Nigeria cascaded its way to the ancient city of Benin in Edo state, where it came to the need of the Angie epilepsy foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation that aims to change public perception of epilepsy and provide medical assistance to epileptic people. Epilepsy is one medical condition that is easily misunderstood. People living with this condition are often stigmatized, abused and treated as outcasts. Thus their family members keep them away to avoid shame. 
Mrs. Angela Asemota was ecstatic years ago when she bore a son, however that joy quickly faded away as her son was epileptic. She watched helplessly as her son went through so many ordeals due to his epileptic seizure. Friends and family deserted her in her trying times, and she spent all she had trying to save her son. In search of a cure, she visited many traditional doctors and false prophets, until she was told that epilepsy could be treated medically. Recounting all the troubles she encountered in the search for a cure, she deemed it necessary to set up the Angie epilepsy foundation to create awareness that epilepsy can be treated. Her foundation has been able to provide information to families and people with epilepsy, though they cannot fully assist them as a full diagnosis and their drugs are expensive. 
Deeply moved by the sufferings of people living with epilepsy, Airtel Nigeria came to the need of the Angie epilepsy foundation in their own little way by providing medication for 100 epileptic people. The foundation expressed their immense gratitude to Airtel Nigeria as they have taken away the burden of families that cannot afford these expensive drugs. 
The series, which had run for 13 weeks, has finally ended. The program has brought to the fore, the commitment and kind-heartedness of Airtel Nigeria in uplifting underprivileged people across Nigeria through its CSR interventions. 
Airtel touching lives aims not only to help the down trodden but to also encourage others to help the less privileged in the society. The 13 episodes Airtel Touching Lives TV series was shown every Sunday on DSTV Channel 154 at 8pm and Saturdays on NTA Network at 8:05pm. And remember, you too can touch a life.