Hey CMO: Discover secret weapon of marketing teams Worldwide

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As 2014 closes, here is how to break the digital marketing barrier as chronicles  the “last brief” for marketing decision makers as the year winds up. Discover the needed turnaround tool!
As online consumption grows, organisations are spending more time and resources measuring success online. This is a direct response to the fact that digital has moved from being a part of the marketing mix to becoming the fulcrum of many companies’ business operations. 
As people spend more time online, it is not only expedient   but necessary for marketing decision makers to understand consumers’ tastes and behaviours in order to create a clear picture of the consumer trends that will shape the future of your business, explains Temiloluwa  Sobowale, Lead Consultant, Intelligent Interactive, SimilarWeb representative in the Nigerian market. 
According to Sobowale, beyond the ‘gestimate, rhetorics and inadequate data that previously occupied the driving wheel of the industry, the walls are coming down and rhetorics are giving way to robust data and insights that add real value to businesses. 
SimilarWeb, a brand of Israeli origin made a foray into the Nigeria market recently partnering with Intelligent Interactive. 
   Described  as data that fuels digital results, the  SimilarWeb PRO according to the Lead Consultant,  opens a new world of digital measurement and insight that drives subscriber’s business forward.
“It is an extremely powerful tool that can be used by Marketing Managers – eCommerce, Campaign Managers. It helps a user discover what works for competitors and what one can do to drive traffic from search, referrals, social and display advertising”.
Similarly, it is gaining traction with discerning money makers which include Sales People,  Account Managers and  Business  Development managers.  The tool is effective in assisting in this class of professionals in closing a new deal or keeping tabs on an existing client.  This is particularly evident in the product’s analytics, research, antifraud, business and competitive intelligent capabilities among others. 
The tool is also useful to researchers – Analysts, Investors and Journalists whether in analyzing  a single website, a mobile app or an entire industry as its apt in spotting trends and rising stars.
“It is a comprehensive platform that delivers consumer behavior online and in the most reliable way to monitor the internet heartbeat”
The brand’s core differentiating factor from its more popular competitor, Google analytic, is the fact that it’s marketing insights are powered by two industry leading technical assets. These are its users-panel and crawler. Hence, its edge comes from the combination of both resources and ability to provide actionable insights and accurate web metric.
SimilarWeb ‘s consumer insights panel is reputed to be the largest in the industry with tens of millions of monthly users with a staggering 2 billion page views  per day, is the foundation upon which SimilarWeb’s web insight stands. “While others interpolate and assume, only SimilarWeb has the reach and depth to deliver unmatched accuracy and timeliness”,  reveals Sobowale. 
Key features of the tool include:  traffic sources – it peeks into the analytics of the competition’s websites. It reveals how they drive traffic, which pages are most popular and where they are spending their marketing budgets. Users could also benchmark performance by using the tool to discover where the user stands among key player in the industry and key competitors. Others include keyword discovery, this feature enables user discover the keywords that have proven successful to take the guesswork out of planning. It is also effective in giving social insights – helps uncover which social networks are having the greatest impact on your competitor’s web traffic. 
A SimilarWeb demo using the banking industry by Sobowale, reveals comprehensive competitive intelligence in digital media planning and rating. “Nothing is hidden from the traffic sources, performance, search keywords, social insights and advert placements among others and these could source of raw data for digital marketing and marketing decisions by brand owners” 
SimilarWeb delivers on better media buying by revealing the channels and keywords competitors used to succeed; smarter media planning, it empowers users to take the guesswork out of planning while it also reveals strategies like SEO, social networks, emails and more that drive traffic to the competitors. In the same breath, subscribers to the tool could easily benchmark his progress by putting real numbers behind performance to measure up against key competitors.  Business expansion also becomes easier as user discovers opportunities about new countries to enter and better ways to monetize his site.  
Available products include SimilarWeb PRO, Website Ranking,  Mobile App Ranking,  API  and  Browser Extensions. 
There are three plans available, the Advanced which is the most popular costs about $500. It delivers Website Analysis to 1 User, 12 Months of Data, 500 Results Per Website Metric, Traffic Sources & Engagement Metrics, Full Website Comparison and Popular Pages. It also offers Industry Analysis across 245 Industry Categories, Industry Leaders, Traffic Sources and Engagement Metrics.  Other plans include the Basic and Ultimate each costing $199 and $799 respectively.