IAB releases digital advertising guidelines

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released new guidelines to help the digital marketing industry provide more transparency to customers.
These guidelines, according to Ashdown group, provide advertising professionals with the clear and practical steps for native advertising to be identified more easily. All of the guidelines are supported by ISBA – the voice of British advertisers – the Association for Online Publishers (AOP) and the Content Marketing Association (CMA).
IAB outlined that the first of the two vital guidelines for the native advertising sector are to give consumers “visible cues” that allow them to instantly understand they are engaging with marketing content put together by a third party. 
On the other hand, the second is for labelled wording to be included that demonstrates a commercial agreement is in place.
These guidelines were decided following an IAB study, which found that customers engage with native content due to how relevant it is to them, whether they’ll gain value from it and if it is obvious that it is is from a trusted source.
The study also identified that people’s trust in a brand can fall if the source of the content is unclear, while characteristics considered “good” in making content clear included a prominent advertiser logo and boxing that makes native content look visually unique.
Ian Twinn, director of public affairs at ISBA, said: “Advertisers welcome this timely and clear guidance on native advertising. ISBA has worked closely with the IAB to produce the guidelines, a further example of advertising self-regulation that delivers consumer transparency around advertiser funding of digital media.”
Tim Cain, managing director at the AOP, also commented on the findings, noting that “clear delivery” of native advertising is vital to encourage positive consumer interest. 
The research is part one of two studies that will be released by the IAB to educate the market about transparency in the sector.
With agency report from Ashdown Group