Absolute Innovations Brings Innovation to Event Staging Equipment Rental

The centre-piece of any venue or event is the DANCE FLOOR, the STAGE or PLATFORM-It provides a natural focal point and is instrumental in creating the desired atmosphere.

Nigeria’s Absolute Innovations, the staging equipment rental company with an impressive history, within its professional purview, of pioneering innovations has done has introduced the SMD/LED VIDEO FLOOR to up the ante in the industry.

Unlike the conventional LED floors that simply flash colours in sequence, ‘this generation next’ system can display a stream of stunning moving images and animations explains Chairman/CEO of the company, Mr Toyin Fakile.  “It is computer oriented and can also display logos and texts making it ideal for both private and corporate applications. The flexible modular design makes the system equally effective as a funky dance floor, stunning catwalk or platform for delivering corporate branding and allied events”.

The Chairman who has travelled far and wide seeking constant improvement in his chosen area of operation says he eats, drinks and sleeps INNOVATIONS ABSOLUTELY and that is why his company is called Absolute innovations.

The business started in the United States of America in the mid- 90s as Absolute jam, he opened a branch office in Lagos in the early 2000s and since then has changed the event staging game in the country.

Absolute innovations staging platforms are the first of its kind in Nigeria, manufactured by the world’s leader in staging business ‘STAGING CONCEPTS’ of the United States of America. Total dimension of its platforms in Nigeria is 60ftX40ft and it can be configured to fit special event needs indoor or outdoor (runway, concerts, weddings etc). The height is adjustable from 1foot to 7feet and can be set up on any terrain (even or uneven) also in the swimming pool. The staging platforms and understructures are well reinforced that cars can be driven on them. Set up time takes between 2-3hrs maximum with no nail, hammer or chisel needed for setup.

Also available in Absolute Innovations’ stock are 20ft diameter circular stage, acrylic platforms, triangular stage, hydraulic lift, circular truss to say a few.
Event planners, brand managers and indeed corporate bodies, which organize events for product launches or unveiling of new logos, can avail themselves of some of its unveiling equipment. These include the kabuki power drop, exploding balloon walls, revolving/rotating platform, hydraulic lift and electric curtain among others to create an unforgettable impact on their audiences.

Mr Fakile says he travels all over the world to event conferences, exhibitions and trade shows and as a rule must come back to Nigeria with the newest product as it is being introduced. For him, the next in line is the Robotic stage while adding that his company is “always stepping up to the next STAGE in business’’ as its credo says. {jcomments on}