2015 World Food Day: Omotola Cooks for 5000 Students, as Unilever Champions Iron for Young Women

Multi-award winning superstar and Knorr brand Ambassador,  Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Brand Building Director, Foods, Unilever Plc, Mrs. Nsima Ogedi-Alakwe flanked by Students with their food packs #shareameal with others at the Agege Government College during the 22015 World Food Day. 
Friday 16th October marked the World Food Day, Unilever Nigeria Plc as a market leader in the food sector played a pivotal and unique role to make the day memorable in Nigeria as the company provided food for over 5000 students under its Knorr #shareameal with each other initiative. 
The World Food day which aims at combating and reducing the humiliation of the incidence of one out of every four people globally going to bed without food, aptly tallies with the Unilever’s #shareameal activation hence it became an appropriate vehicle to drive the WFD’s laudable goal. 
To drive home the essence of the day among Nigerians, the activation was led by multi-award winning superstar and Knorr brand Ambassador,  Omotola Jalade Ekeinde. Strategies were also put in place to further amplify the day’s activities beyond the students (mostly girls) and mothers who made up the captive audience. Unilever extended coverage through by hosting Nigeria’s first radio cook-along at the event. 
So live from Government College, Agege,  Lagos venue of the Unilever activation to commemorate the World Food Day,  Omotola Jalade joined Unilever team to prepare nutritious school lunches  in line with Unilever Knorr’s  3 steps of fortifying foods with iron for the benefits of the young female children who needed  the iron more than their male counterparts. These steps include tossing greens into a beef stew, stirring them in and crumbling the Knorr iron fortified stock cube. 
Reinforcing the fact that one in four people globally do not receive the nutrition they need to live healthy lives, Knorr, in partnership with the World Food Programme, donated nutritious meals to schools in Lagos, while encouraging mums and daughters across the country to imbibe the culture of tossing green vegetable, stirring them in and crumbling the Knorr iron fortified stock cube in there meal. Through this, Knorr makes good its promise to help the majority of Nigerians who do not eat enough food high in iron, especially adolescent girls. 
Making a comment on the company’s activities to mark the World Food Day, Managing Director, Unilever Nigeria, Mr. Yaw Nsarkoh says, “We’re excited to be playing such a big part of World Food Day. We’re completely committed to helping Nigerians get the nutrients they need from their meals. 
“The radio cook-along with Omotola has been brilliant – the perfect opportunity to have some fun and encourage people to #shareameal with each other.”
Omotola doing the cooking assisted by Knorr Quest Winner, Davies Obiekea and Omotola #sharingameal with others to commemorate the 2015 World Food Day in Lagos
Omotola who was hyperactive and excited throughout the duration of the event from cooking, to #sharingameal with the students, to simulating the Knorr’s 3 steps in some dance drama with the students and officials of the company, explains her excitement to have been at the forefront of such laudable project.  “I absolutely loved hosting the live radio cook-along today. It was great fun cooking the meals for the school children and chatting live on the radio. I hope everyone was tossing, stirring and crumbling during the show too!”
The Nollywood Super Star also  led the way in sharing the nutritious delicacy to students in Government Junior College, Government Comprehensive Junior College, and Girls Junior High School, all in Agege Lagos; while Unilever Nigeria Team also touched Central Primary School, Local Government Primary School, Ikeja Primary School and Ikeja Junior High School, G.R.A Ikeja.
Brand Building Director, Foods, Mrs. Nsima Ogedi-Alakwe explains that Omotola  who was assisted by the Winner, Knorr Quest,  Davies obiekea, joined in cooking nutritious meals to help do her bit as the Knorr Brand Ambassador to address the serious issue of anaemia.  
According to the Brand Building Director, teenage girls need 50% more iron than when they were younger to cope with body changes and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to anaemia. She added that the event forms part of Knorr’s Green Food Steps programme to improve the health and happiness of a billion people by unlocking more flavour and goodness from everyday food.
In May 2015, Knorr unveiled its commitment to help reduce the prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia in Nigeria, a major public health issue, by making nutritious cooking more desirable, easy to understand and affordable.
The programme engages 50,000 mothers and daughters, tapping into the deeply rooted habits of mothers passing recipes on to their daughters, to practice the new cooking habits in Ijebu Ode and Amaigbo. It is with expected to roll out in other parts of the country next year.
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