YouTube celebrates Nigeria’s top Content Creators in Lagos

Gathering at an event yesterday in Lagos, Nigerian YouTube creators: Sisi Yemmie,  Dimma Umeh (ThatIgboChic), Naija’s Craziest, Akah Nnani, Bellarose Okojie, Misstechy; Dodos, Frank Donga, Yomi Black came together to talk about how YouTube is providing a platform for them to share their passions and earn money.
Speaking at the event, SSA YouTube Partnership Manager Teju Ajani said "YouTube continues to be a top video destination for Nigerians looking to share and watch the most viral local and global videos.  In 2016, YouTube mobile watchtime in Nigeria increased by 150%; proof that Nigerians are spending more time on the platform, and are finding content relevant to them".
YouTube attracts a global generation that has grown up watching what they want, whenever they want, on whatever device is closest. Globally, almost 60% of YouTube’s monthly watch-time comes from mobile devices.  On average, 60% of a channel’s views come from outside the creator’s home country.
Globally, more than 400 hours of video is shared on YouTube every minute. So whether you are a teenager at home, a global media powerhouse or a business brand, your videos need to be on YouTube. YouTube is a social video ecosystem with such critical mass that your videos basically don’t exist on the web if they’re not on YouTube.
 Some of the YouTube stars in attendance are:
Dimma Umeh, makeup and fashion enthusiast is the creator of the YouTube channel called Thatigbochick <>, started her channel in    January 2012 and since has received almost 3 million views and 78,185 subscribers.
Mark Angel Comedy <>, with one of Nigeria’s the popular channel for Emmanuella, with 698,926 subscribers and 158,789,688 views.  
Sisi Yemmie <> , with over 47 thousand subscribers, she is a Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger, Content Creator & Social Media Marketer that shares content on her cooking skills.
Naija’s Craziest <> has    over 18 million views and over 53 thousand subscribers with parody, satires and comedy skits that are crazy, different and funny.
Ngozi Okobi (Ngee Show)    Akah Nnani <> has more than 6 thousand subscribers and is all about fun, laughter, good conversation, music and more.