Azu Arinze’s The CEO’s Bible due for Release March 24

                                                                               Azuh Arinze, Authour, "The CEO's Bible"

Today, Azuh Arinze Publisher, YES Magazine unveiled his new book, "The CEO's Bible" to the media at an event which held at the BHM studio, Ikeja, Lagos.

The project, second in the series of his book publishing endeavour, is described as the   most ambitious in terms of the cost involved as well as other parameters like pagination and quality and content of the book.
According to the author of “Tested and Trusted Secrets of Successful Men”,  written 5 years ago; he has a secret obsession to write at least a  new book every five years. The new book, “The CEO’s Bible” features the stories of almost 100 selected CEOs with amusing stories to tell in a bid to mentor and inspire would be CEOs.

“We have been inundated with stories of failed people and businesses for too long, but what we have done is to see people who have run their businesses successfully for 10 years and still running, we use their stories to inspire younger people and would be Managing Director.  This is the essence of this book”, says Azuh.  

The CEO’s Bible, a conversation in starting, sustaining and running a business,  features CEOs across different segments of human endeavours such as banking, Oil & Gas, Marketing, Communications, Entertainment and  Law to mention but a few.

The Authour who says he is not a commercial writer but writes for the love of writing explains that one common thread that runs through the different subjects in the book  is the truism that as an aspiring CEO, one has to reinvent and develop himself to be relevant at all times in his chosen career or business.  Apart from this, the God factor, integrity, focus, hardworking, dedication and continuous education/development are common qualities displayed by the subjects.

These learning a reader could take away from the book. Although 10 years is the base line for most of the interviewed CEOs, a few exceptions however occurred. According to the Authour, you cannot ignore whiz kids in business who have done marvelously well in a few years of being in business.

The book is targeted at those who want to go into business a fresh or those who are fed up with one business and want to do something else.

The Foreword to "The CEO’s Bible" is written by no less a business mogul than Mr. Biodun Shobanjo, a man who has sustained his businesses across a number of industries for decades. “He epitomises what we stood for and we are privileged to have him agree to write the foreword”, Azuh reveals.  The 890-page book which comes in two parts, is scheduled to be released in a few days time. It will be available in all leading stores nationwide and on online platforms such as Amazon and